Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stubforge?

Stubforge is a site that allows you to create and share ticket designs, as well as order real, physical copies of what you (or others) have made! You can create, share and buy without evening signing up for an account!

Are these real tickets?

They are as close as you can get without buying them from Ticketmaster! We use the same ticket stock as Ticketmaster and same commercial ticket printers that venues use. They will look and feel completely real, but will have the Stubforge branding on them.

How much do they cost?

Pricing starts at $5 a ticket and gets cheaper with every additional ticket in your order! Head to any ticket page to see the full pricing chart!

How come you don't have any different ticket styles?

We are still early on in the company's development and hope to have more ticket stock options soon! If you have any suggestions for which styles you'd like to see next, please contact us and let us know!

There aren't enough characters to type what I want!

Unfortunately we can only fit so many characters in a space using the font and font size to make it look accurate. We can't do anything custom or change this, so you'll just have to settle with something slightly shorter or modified. The character counts came from analyzing a lot of tickets and should handle almost everything we've seen. You may have to get creative!

What happened to the old version of the site?

We've upgraded to a brand new, easier to use site! If you are still looking to play with the old version or access your old tickets, you can find the original site at If you'd like your tickets imported, please contact us and let us know!