How to Use Stubforge:

Do I need to sign in or sign up to use this service?

No. You can create tickets, make copies, add items to your cart and checkout without signing in.

The advantages of signing in are simply to save any tickets you make to your account so you can easily find them later by clicking "My Tickets" in the header menu. Also, instead of using "Copy and Edit", you can just "Edit" your tickets while preserving the same URL (whereas "Copy and Edit" create a brand new URL/page).

I tried to sign up, but didn't get an email!

Some email providers throttle our emails, causing them to arrive slowly or not at all. Sometimes the emails go directly to your spam.

If you can't get an email to show up you can still create tickets, add them to your cart and make purchases.

If you want to keep track of your tickets in the meantime, just make sure to bookmark or write down the URL of your completed tickets. Note that each time you use "Copy and Edit" it creates a brand new URL/page.

How do I access my past orders?

You should receive an email after every order with all the information you need, as well as links to the tickets you ordered.

If you cannot locate your email, we can look up the info for you, just reach out to us here.

Do you proofread my tickets?

No. It is your responsibility to make sure your tickets look right before ordering.

Please double check your spelling and that every relevant piece of information was updated.

Note the character limitations and double check that your text wasn't cut off.
We won't refund you for any spelling or design mistakes you make.

What if I need to correct a mistake after I placed an order?

Mistakes happen and if you email us quickly after placing your order we may be able to correct your order before printing and packing.

You can reply to your order email or contact us here.

I'm having trouble with the cart page, help!

While we do our best to try and make everything as smooth as possible, sometime bugs and errors creep in!

If your cart is having trouble loading, the best option is to reset your cart by clicking this link: Reset My Cart.

Once clicked, you will have to re-add your tickets to your cart unfortunately, but it solves most issues that come up.

Another option is to try a different web browser (and make sure JavaScript is enabled).

If these options don't help, please contact us here for further assistance, and we'll do the best we can to help you out.

How much do your tickets cost?

Pricing starts at $5 a ticket and gets cheaper with every additional ticket in your order!
Bulk pricing is based on the total number of tickets in your cart (not per ticket design), so you can fill out your back collection without worry and enjoy a discount.

You can see our pricing page here.


Processing Time & Shipping Details

  • Our processing time is 1-3 days
  • We generally only ship on Mondays and Thursdays
  • We don't offer overnight/next day shipping

If you have any urgent requests, please reach out directly here before ordering.

Tracking Information

Once you order you will receive an email from us with your details. Once we create your shipping label you will receive an email with your tracking code. Make sure to check your spam folder for any emails from us.

How does shipping work?

We offer different shipping options depending on if you live in the US, Canada, or anywhere else.

United States

We offer a flat $5 tracked shipping option on 1-50 tickets via USPS with estimated delivery times between 3-8 days.

$5 flat rate shipping is not available when purchasing accessories.

We offer upgraded shipping options via UPS starting at $9 for the cheapest option (estimated delivery of 3-6 days).
1-2 day shipping is offered on checkout as well.

Please note that shipping times are not guaranteed and do not take into account processing time.

We do not offer refunds if your package doesn't arrive within the estimate.


We offer $3 untracked letter mail (envelope + stamp) shipping for 1-10 tickets that can take anywhere up to 2 weeks to arrive.

We offer upgraded shipping options via UPS and Canada Post (estimated times and costs found on checkout).
1-2 day shipping is offered on checkout as well.

Please note that shipping times are not guaranteed and do not take into account processing time.

We do not offer refunds if your package doesn't arrive within the estimate.


We offer $3 untracked letter mail (envelope + stamp) shipping for 1-10 ticket that can take anywhere up to 4 weeks to arrive.

We offer upgraded shipping options via UPS and Canada Post (estimated times and costs found on checkout).

Please note that shipping times are not guaranteed and do not take into account processing time.

We do not offer refunds if your package doesn't arrive within the estimate.

When is my order sent out?

We generally ship our products twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. We usually have your tickets printed and packaged within 24 hours of your order.

If you order the fastest shipping option we will generally try to get it packaged as soon as possible, but we can't make any guarantees. If you have any urgent requests, please reach out directly here.

Where is my order?

When we ship your order you are automatically sent an email with your tracking code. You may have to check your spam for this email.

You can also locate the email generated after you ordered (titled: Order #XXXX confirmed) which has a button titled "View Your Order".

If you cannot locate your tracking information, please reach out directly here.

Incomplete/Incorrect Shipping Address

Please note that if your package could not be delivered due to an insufficient/incomplete or incorrect address, we cannot give you a refund.

It is your responsibility to double check your shipping address for accuracy and completeness when making online orders, especially when shipping to someone other than yourself. Common errors include forgetting to add an apartment/unit/suite number, incorrect city name (greater area vs suburb), and incorrect ZIP code.

If you want to have your order resent with the correct address, we can send you an invoice to cover shipping costs and a small reprint fee.

My order didn't make it in time!

We offer no guarantees on when your order will arrive and have no control once we pass your package off to a postal carrier.

There is no shipping option available that can make any guarantees. Carriers are subject to delays due to bad weather, mechanical issues, staffing issues, sorting issues and more. Packages do unfortunately get lost from time to time, so please keep an eye on your tracking information.

Shipping times are estimates only!

When you order and are shown a number of days for delivery, those are estimates provided by the carrier directly.

They do not take into account processing time.
They are business days (packages do not travel on holidays and weekends)
They are not guaranteed.
We do not provide refunds if your package doesn't arrive by a specified date.

If you need something in a hurry, always order the fastest shipping option available for your best chance to receive it in time.
The fastest option we offer is UPS Saver, which is generally estimated at 1-2 days.

If it is a busy holiday season, such as Christmas, expect you package to be delayed, even if you order the fastest possible option.

If you believe your package is lost, please reach out directly here.
Please provide us with your mailing address and phone number. We'll do our best to help you out.

My order says "Delivered", but I don't have it!

In many cases your package may have been delivered to a neighbour by mistake. We usually suggest asking your surrounding neighbours or waiting a few days to see if it's dropped off by them. If you live in an apartment or shared complex with a mailroom, you can ask the building manager if your mail was misorganized or not sorted into your slot yet.

We have seen reports that some mail carriers will mark items as delivered at the start of their shift, before your mail is actually delivered. This obviously causes confusion and is likely against protocol, however we suggest waiting a day to make sure this is not the case.

Often it helps to directly call your carrier with your tracking code to complain about a missing delivery as they may be able to uncover the location of your package and get in touch with the actual delivery person. We don't have any more information or insight into your package than you do unfortunately.

If you have exhausted all of these options, you can reach out to us, provide us with your mailing address and phone number, and we'll work with you to resolve the situation. You can reach out to us here.

My order says it was "Returned", can I have a refund?

We do not offer any refunds in the case where you fail to pick up your package from the carrier in time and it gets sent back to us.

Be sure to keep an eye on your tracking information, which will update you as to when your package arrives for pick-up and for the various warnings given before it is returned.

You may have to check your spam folder for any emails from us if you cannot locate the email with your tracking information.

Shipping to PO Boxes

United States

PO Box delivery is only available with our USPS service. If you selected UPS, we will ship your package out with USPS as UPS cannot access PO Boxes.


PO Box delivery is only available with Canada Post and letter mail options. If you select UPS, we will ship your package out with Canada Post if your shipping fees cover it, otherwise we may cancel your order or reach out to make other arrangements.


At this moment we cannot ship to PO Boxes unless your country allows UPS to deliver to them. You can contact us for alternate shipping options.

Do my tickets come attached?

For most orders all tickets will come attached end-to-end just like real ticket stubs would. They can easily be torn along the perforation.

Note that if you order different style/colour tickets, only those of the same type will be attached to each other.

If you are ordering event tickets (e.g. weddings, parties) and order a large number we will pre-cut your tickets so you don't need to tear them all. We have ticket printers with built in cutters, so the experience would be the same as receiving tickets from certain venues where they don't hand tear tickets.

If you have any concerns, questions or requests for your order, please reach out directly here.

About our Tickets

What ticket styles do you offer?

Series 1 (released 2020)


Our original ticket design that is meant to look as close as possible to the most recent Ticketmaster design used from roughly 2004-2022:

Series1-Modern ticket example

Series 2 (released 2022)

The latest edition to our ticket stock features a design reminiscent to those found in the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's:

Series2 tickets example


Series2-Blue ticket example


Series2-Green ticket example


Series2-Purple ticket example

How come you don't have more ticket styles?

We're still early in our company's growth, but do intend to add new types of stock as we grow.

As we move further back in time the amount of different ticket styles and features grows exponentially and it becomes harder to know which design to work on next.

If you have suggestions on what type of stock you'd like to see, please let us know!
You can write to us here.

What are the ticket dimensions?

Our tickets are the same size as a standard Ticketmaster ticket: 5.625" x 1.968"

There aren't enough characters to type what I want!

Unfortunately we can only fit so many characters in a space to make it look accurate.

The character counts came from analyzing a lot of tickets and should handle almost everything we've seen. You may have to get creative!

I really, really want to add more lines and character!

We do offer special design services for a fee if you need them.
You can inquire with us here.

Can I use Emojis?

While some emojis may print, we can't guarantee that they all will. If they do print, they may not look how you expect them to look. They will not be printed in colour.

Use at your own risk (but we'd suggest not to use them). We don't proof your tickets and we won't refund you if they don't come out properly.

Can I use non-English characters?

While some characters may print, we can't guarantee that they all will. English characters with accents and special characters available to an english keyboard may work, other languages may not. Asian language characters do not print.

Just because you can enter charcters into a ticket and see them in the preview does not mean they will print.

When you order your tickets, a PDF proof will be generated with what you ordered. Please double check this proof to see if your characters appear. If they do not (they will likely be tiny rectangles), contact us immediately to change your order. We cannot guarantee we can help you, but if you contact us quick enough we may be able to.

Enter non-English keyboard characters at your own risk (but we'd suggest not to use them). We don't proof your tickets and we won't refund you if they don't come out properly.

Can you change the background?

No. Our ticket stock is pre-printed, the only thing we can add to it is the black text you can customize with our designer.

What does the back of a ticket look like?

Back of a Stubforge Ticket

We cannot change the backs of our tickets, they all come like this.

Can I laminate these tickets?

No. Our tickets are thermally printed, so any intense heat will cause the ticket to blacken. If you have access to cold lamination supplies, that could work.

Do you sell ticket display accessories?


We offer binder sheets like those used to collect trading cards that are acid-free and of archival quality.

Our binder pages come in packs of 10 and each page has 3 side-loading pockets on the front and back.

View our binder pages here.


Are these real tickets?

Our Tickets look and feel just like a ticket you would get from Ticketmaster (but with our brand instead of theirs)!

We use the same quality ticket stock as Ticketmaster from the same supplier and we print on the same commercial ticket printers that venues use.

Many people have commented that their friends couldn't tell the difference between our tickets and the real thing, but if you pay attention to the detail you will see our branding, not Ticketmaster's.

Are you helping scalpers?

No. Our tickets may look and feel real, but as soon as you look at the back it becomes quite obvious that they aren't legit tickets and thus would not be very useful in trying to scam someone.

As more and more venues go digital only, physical ticket scalping will become a thing of the past. We exist to help collectors fill the gaps in their collections.

Can I use these to get into a show?

No. These tickets will not scan and cannot be used to get into a show or venue. Most shows are no longer offering or accepting anything other than a digital ticket scan.

Why was I charged a foreign transaction fee?

If you happen to find a foreign transaction fee in your credit card statement, this does not come from us, but from your bank or credit card provider. We do no charge anything extra beyond what you see when you check out, and we don't receive anything extra from you.

It's incredibly rare, but if you got one it means your card is charging you to buy anything outside of your home country. This is usually associated with small banks or credit unions, or with cards that have unfavourable terms. We would suggest speaking to your card provider about getting a card that does not charge you for purchasing something outside of your country; this is not normal to have.

We ship from Canada, but we charge in USD. Our payment provider is Shopify, the largest online ecommerce system in the world.

About Stubforge

What is Stubforge?

Stubforge is a site that allows you to create and share ticket designs, as well as order real, physical copies of what you (or others) have made! You can create, share and buy without evening signing up for an account!

Why does Stubforge exist?

Stubforge was created because our founder was sick of print-at-home and digital-only tickets ruining his ability to collect his ticket stubs.

Realizing he wasn't alone in his ticket collecting habits, he created a business to help others continue to grow their stub collections with the most realistic looking and feeling stubs available.

Since creating Stubforge we've found that many people are using our service to give the gift of tickets when a show is digital only.

We've also found that people love creating event invitations that look like real tickets for their weddings, parties, anniversaries and more.

Where is Stubforge located?

Stubforge is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (1 hour from Toronto). Despite being a Canadian based company, all prices are listing in USD and we ship worldwide!

Are you open to partnerships, sponsorships and other opportunities?

Yes! We love hearing about cool ideas and how we might be able to work together.

Reach out to us here.

Are you available for interviews, podcasts and other media requests?

Yes! We love sharing our story and talking about ticket stubs.

Reach out to us here.

Do you have more reviews or proof of your legitimacy as a business?

Yes! We have an active Etsy store with over 4000 sales and 1200 reviews with an average of 5 stars.

You can check it out here.