Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Sign up for free and then you can start using our ticket designer to design as many tickets as you want for free. You can start working on a ticket, save it, then finish it later as well as copy existing designs to modify and save as new tickets. Once you're ready to order, simply create a new order, add as many of each ticket as you want and the pricing, discounts, tax and shipping will be shown. Simply complete the order and we'll begin the printing process and then mail them out!

These don't look exactly like TicketMaster tickets!

Our tickets are designed to look as close as possible to TicketMaster tickets while still retaining our own branding so they aren't direct ripoffs and we aren't using their trademark. Perhaps you notice some slight differences, and those may exist because the tickets are a fusion of Canadian style and US style tickets (yes, they are slightly different). They look close enough that they shouldn't warrant a second glance.

How come you don't have any different ticket styles?

We've only just begun and unfortunately the design and printing of ticket stock isn't cheap. We picked the TicketMaster style ticket because it's the most common and prolific, but there are other tickets we'd love to do, such as TicketFly and perhaps we'll do this in the future if we get enough demand.

What about scalpers?

We hate scalpers too. We don't print future dated tickets and our barcode is static, so these tickets won't work (unless you have a time machine and want to steal my seat at Dream Theater). If we think you are scalping or trying to rip people off, we aren't going to sell to you and we'll report you to the authorities, whoever they may be. Our tickets have Stubforge branding, so if people are wary and look close, they'll see they aren't official tickets.

I started making tickets and noticed something is in the wrong spot!

We've spent a lot of time analyzing tickets, figuring out patterns and setting everything up so that all the right things fit in all the right places, but sometimes there can be deviations. You can edit any field, but they have character limits so they will fit with the font and size used. Sometimes you may notice that the prices are in different locations then how we've set it up, and that is true depending on the age of the ticket or on the venue/geography. If you'd like to share your concerns, point out errors, or provide some helpful tips on how to make things more accurate, quick and easy for other folks, please drop us a line!

There aren't enough characters allowed to type what I want!

Unfortunately we can only fit so many characters in a space using the font and font size to make it look accurate. We can't do anything custom or change this, so you'll just have to settle with something slightly shorter or modified. The character counts came from analyzing a lot of tickets and should handle almost everything we've seen.